Cabby 800 FTM2C Family Caienna

Cabby 800 FTM2C Family is fitted with a double bed as standard which, together with the lounge sofabed and dinette, provides a total of six berths. The middle of the caravan features a 2.5-section pantry and dinette. The shower and toilet are right at the back of the vehicle.

A-measure 1195 cm
Total length of body 810 cm
Total length 942 cm
Interior length 740 cm
Interior width 234 cm
Total weight - 2400kg
  • Fabrics
    Estelle Options
    Cecilia Options
    Emma Options
    Clara Options
    Ulrika Options
    Family Edition Not availiable
    Mix of standard fabrics Options
    Viktoria, leather (additional charge, see michellaneous) Options
    Leonore, leather (additional charge, see michellaneous) Options
    Alicia, leather (additional charge, see michellaneous) Options
    Tilda panel curtain beige+gray Options
  • Beds
    Upper bed cupboard on rear right side (DS) Not availiable
    Upper bed cupboard on rear left side (FS) 70 cm Options
    Upper bed cupboard instead of fixed side cupboard Not availiable
    Fixed upper bed rear right side (DS) 70 cm Not availiable
    Fixed upper bed rear left side (FS) 70 cm Options
    Bedding for upper bed cupboard, without ladder. Above double bed. Options
    Bedding for upper bed cupboard, with ladder. Above dinette. Not availiable
    Safety guard in net for upper bed Options
    Fixed side cupboard instead of upper bed cupboard Not availiable
    3-bunk bed, width 70 cm, incl. 3 windows, bedspread and air gaps Options
    L-shaped bunk beds, width 82 cm incl. 4 windows, bed pedestal and extra storage compartment Not availiable
    Wide F3 bed for F2B and F2C Not availiable
    Separate electrically-controlled head end in beds per pair Options
  • Kitchen
    Refrigerator door in brushed aluminium Options
    Refrigerator in piano black Caienna standard
    Feature wall in brushed aluminium Options
    Feature wall in cream Options
    Feature wall in "mocca" tiles Caienna standard
    Feature wall in piano black tiles Options
    Feature wall in grey tiles Options
    Framed overhead cupboard doors, white frosted acrylic Options
    Framed overhead cupboard doors, clear black acrylic Caienna standard
    Framed overhead cupboard doors in wood (apple foil) Options
    3/4 four-burner gas cooker with oven and grill. Drawer at the bottom. Caienna standard
    Microwave under refrigerator Caienna standard
  • Media
    TV shelf with aerial, 230 V and DVD cable Options
    TV bracket with swivel arm Options
    TV aerial, omnidirectional Caienna standard
    Media pole in aluminium, rear 230 V, DVD, aerial Caienna standard
    Subwoofer Caienna standard
    CD player Options
    Media centre DVD Caienna standard
  • Miscellaneous
    Incinerator toilet Options
    Individually adjustable underfloor and radiator heating with unique switch for the temperature sensors in the sleeping section and the front sitting area Caienna standard
    Temperature sensors in sleeping section Caienna standard
    Wardrobe instead of shower Options
    Full overhead cupboard in rear instead of wardrobe Not availiable
    Wardrobe from ceiling to floor instead of the bed pedestal Not availiable
    Extra shoe compartment doors at ends of dinette Options
    Front sitting area and dinette leather Not availiable
    Front sitting area leather Options
    Headrests for sofa group Caienna standard
    Headrests for sofa group, leather Caienna standard
    Panel curtain with two different pelmets. Beige + grey Options
    Battery back-up Alde panel Options
    Shower curtain with ceiling rail Not availiable
    Extendable shower tap Not availiable
    Central vacuum cleaner Caienna standard
    1 curtain for middle sitting area/bunk bed Options
    2 curtains for bunk bed Options
    Curtains (x 3) for triple bunk bed Options
    Electric towel dryer Caienna standard
    Electricity meter Options
    Charge booster Options
    Alde Smart control Options
    Fire-extinguisher, powder, 1 kg Caienna standard
    Fire-extinguisher bracket for 6 kg tube Options
    Magazine holder in imitation leather. Beige or black. Options
  • Chassi
    Premium AL-KO jockey wheel with balance and suspension Options
    Spare wheel in boot, aluminium rim, 15", single axle Not availiable
    Spare wheel in boot, aluminium rim, 14", tandem axle Options
    Spare wheel holder Options
    AL-KO electric corner steadies Options
    AL-KO Big Foot corner steady Caienna standard
    AL-KO Premium corner steadies, 4 pcs Standard
    Caravan Mover tandem axle, 4 motors Options
    Caravan Mover single axle Not availiable
  • Body
    Openable window 55x55 cm, toilet side wall Options
    Aircondition Truma Aventa Options
    Cycle rack front for 2 bikes Options
    Mosquito net door Caienna standard
    HEKI 2 De Luxe 96x65.5 cm with lighting Options
    Extra awning rail door side Options
    Extra awning rail window side Options
    Extra awning rail rear end Options
    Extra storage compartment Not availiable
    Calor gas change-over switch for two bottles with crash sensor Caienna standard
    Exterior Calor gas outlet Caienna standard
    Exterior shower outlet Options
    City water connection Options
    Wheel housing cover, single axle Not availiable
    Wheel housing cover, tandem axle Options
    AGM battery 92 Amp Options

Caienna - an exclusive new range

Caienna is an exclusive new range that gives you that little bit extra, providing you with a caravan that boasts a host of stylish design features. Caienna is the preferred choice for those who don't want to compromise. You'll get a caravan fully equipped with everything you need for your holiday.

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Cabby 800 FTM2C Family
A-measure1195 cm
Interior length740 cm
Total length of body810 cm
Read more about Cabby 800 FTM2C Family Read more about Cabby 800 FTM2C Family Caienna

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